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Intra and Extraoral Exams

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Maintaining and achieving a beautiful healthy smile is so much more than merely practicing an oral care regime and handling any dental issues as they arise. Early detection and prevention is also essential to good oral health. And that’s where intra and extraoral exams come in.

Intra and extraoral exams combine to give you a full comprehensive exam of all your soft tissues that can have an impact on your oral health. Your intraoral exam consists of your dentist examining the soft tissues of your mouth, which includes your lips, throat, tongue, and gums. Meanwhile, during your extraoral exam, your dentist examines your head, face, and neck areas. Both of these exams are crucial to both ensuring that all your tissues within these areas are normal and diagnosing any potential issues before they become serious problems.

Here at Suntree Dental, we are proud to offer comprehensive intra and extraoral exams so that all of our patients can safeguard a beautiful smile and optimal oral health for life. Contact our experienced dental team to schedule your intra and extraoral exams today!