Root Canal Specialist in Melbourne | Aftercare for a Root Canal

A root canal removes the infected pulp of a tooth. Thanks to advance technology and our root canal specialist, this procedure is extremely straightforward and has very successful results. However, it’s still important to follow the aftercare steps provided by your Dentist in order for your root canal to heal properly. Below are some tips for taking care of your root canal. If you think you are in need of a root canal, contact our root canal specialist in Melbourne today!

Root Canal Specialist in Melbourne that can perform a root canal


Avoid Hard Foods

Crunchy foods could possibly damage the filling, or break your natural tooth. It’s best to avoid hard foods until your root canal is fully healed.


Be Careful When Brushing and Flossing

Your gums or tooth might still be sensitive, be gentle when taking care of the tooth. It’s important to brush gently and be careful not to force the floss. It might be difficult to properly clean the filling, if you have any difficulties contact your dentist.


Take a Pain Reliever to Manage Inflammation

If you are experiencing any pain after your procedure, feel free to take a pain reliever. An over-the-counter anti-inflammatory will help reduce the discomfort you may experience after your root canal treatment.


Root Canal Specialist in Melbourne

Are you in need of a root canal? Our root canal specialist is here to give you a pain-free procedure. From routine cleanings, to root canals, Suntree Smiles is here to give you the best possible dental experience. For more information on root canals or our services, contact us today!