Invisalign in Melbourne | Why Should I Get Invisalign?

The days of discomfort and embarrassing metal braces are long gone. Invisalign is a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and effective option to straight teeth. So, the path to straight teeth is easier than you think!  Check out just some of the below benefits of Invisalign. Also, If you are interested in getting Invisalign in Melbourne, contact our office today!


Dentist that offer Invisalign in Melbourne


Invisalign is comfortable! One of the many downfalls of metal braces is the discomfort and pain. No more metal digging into your gums, and painful rubber bands. Invisalign aligner trays are comfortable and smooth to the touch. Achieve a straight smile without sacrificing comfort.



One of the most popular benefits of Invisalign is the fact that they are removable! If you want to remove your Invisalign aligner trays, no problem! Being able to remove your Invisalign will allow you to maintain your proper oral hygiene routine without any extra steps. Floss and brush with ease with your removal trays. It could take up to 30 minutes to properly brush and floss with traditional metal braces!


Faster Treatment

Invisalign treatment is up to 50% faster than other treatments! As a result, your straight smile will appear faster than you think!


Invisalign in Melbourne

Don’t want to experience the inconvenience of traditional braces? But, Want a straighter smile? Invisalign is the answer you have been looking for. So, here at Suntree Smiles, we are happy to deliver Invisalign treatments, while giving our patients the best experience possible. For more information on Invisalign, or our services, contact us today!