General Dentistry in Melbourne | Managing Your Anxiety Before the Dentist

It’s very common to fear the dentist, in fact, between 5-8% of Americans avoid dentists out of fear. it is important to not let your anxiety get in the way of visiting your dentist regularly. Below are some tips for managing your nerves when visiting the dentist. If you are overdue for a dental exam, contact our friendly general dentistry in Melbourne.


General Dentistry in Melbourne for dental exams

Acknowledge Your Fears

In order to cope with your anxiety of the dentist, you must first acknowledge the problem. Addressing your fears, or writing them down, is taking the first step to getting more comfortable with your dental visits.


Communicate Your Fears and Anxiety

It’s vital to communicate your fears to your dentist. If your dentist is aware of your anxiety, they will be able to customize your visits to your personal needs. Most often, if your dentist is aware of your fears they will tell you to use certain signals, or cues, to let them know if you need a break.


Bring a Friend or Family Member to Your Appointments

It may be helpful for you to bring a family member or loved one to your appointments, for extra support. Make sure the individual you choose to bring to your appointment has a positive view of the dentist and doesn’t add to your fears.


General Dentistry in Melbourne

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