Affordable Dentures in Florida | 3 Signs You Need New Dentures

Over time, dentures experience wear and tear. Eventually, dentures will change shape and no longer fit correctly. Also, dentures can lose proper shape because of changes in the individual’s jaw bone, due to loss of bone or gum disease. Keep in mind the average lifespan of dentures is 7 years. When was the last time you purchased new dentures? Below are a few signs that you are overdue for a new pair. Contact our office for affordable dentures in Florida!


Where can I get Affordable Dentures in Florida ?

Your Dentures Need a Lot of Adhesive

Dentures that fit correctly, will fit snug without help from any adhesive. Some adhesive may be necessary occasionally, but generally speaking, your dentures should fit perfectly fine without it. If you find yourself needing an excessive amount of adhesive in order for your dentures to fit, it is probably time for new dentures.


Your Bite Is off

Even though your dentures are made of very strong materials, eventually they will wear down from continuous force between your top and bottom dentures. If you are having problems with your bite, schedule an appointment with your dentist.



Eventually, your dentures will stain and begin to fade in color. This can be a sign that your dentures are getting old, and are more susceptible to breaking or to fall out.


Affordable Dentures in Florida

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